Stereo version of the CW165.


2-way loudspeaker with 165 mm woofer.

  • Integrated crossover

  • Coaxial construction with 2 tweeters

  • Round and square grills with magnetic fixation

The trivum flush mount speakers are newly developed ceilings and wall mount speakers. They match perfectly with the complete trivum Multiroom Audio product range.

Sound, efficiency and design satisfy even the most demanding system integrator and its customers. The speaker was developed to pair highest efficiency with sound quality. Within the trivum CW series, distortion and other discolorations are reduced to a minimum, which results in a clear intelligibility.

  • Power
    The CW165-S has a high short-term power rating of 2 x 90 Watts.

  • Efficiency
    With an efficiency of 91 dB the CW165-S is one of the leaders in his size.

  • Impedance
    The CW165-S is a stereo loudspeaker. He therefore has two separate Voice-coils for the bass, two separate tweeters and also two crossovers.
    Due to long cable runs, high impedance is a very important factor for installation loudspeakers, therefor we designed this speaker to have 8 ohms.

  • Tweeter Level
    The CW165-S has a tweeter level switch to customize the sound to the space and acoustical requirements.

  • High reproduction quality
    The loudspeaker captivates with an impressively clear reproduction and intelligibility due to a consequent minimization of distortions and sound discolorations.

  • Grills
    The enclosed round or square grills can easily be changed any time without dismounting the loudspeaker.
    The geometry of the covers were optimized for the sound-quality and discreet looks. The covers can be painted to match the wall or ceiling.

  • Installation
    Fast and simple installation in only few steps.

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