2 x 40 watts amplifier.

The audio amplifier RA410 can be used very flexible: as expansion for the trivum network audio players or as an independent universal amplifier. The 2 x 40 watts are suitable in most cases.


  • volume control via 0..10 V interface

  • suitable for universal applications

  • rail units: 3 (53 mm)

  • 2 x mono line-in
    2 x volume control

  • 2 x mono speaker

  • 2 x 40 watts

Die einfachste Audiolösung von trivum
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  • Amplifier with 2 x 40 watts
    With the trivum audio amplifier RA410 you can operate two mono speakers or one stereo speaker.

  • Volume control
    Via the volume control interface, you are able to control the volume level infinitely variable. If the RA410 are pursued in combination with the trivum network audio players respectively the trivum hifi audio systems, these devices take over the volume control.

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