Multitalent for four zones with additional subwoofer outputs.

The combination of inputs and outputs and the control capabilities make the SC044 the ideal extension of existing multiroom audio solutions. Up to four zones can be filled with sound. Four independent streaming clients, four line-in inputs and a 4-way RDS FM tuner  leave nothing to be desired.


Enjoy your music everywhere: kitchen, bathroom, living room and hall are just one example of a 4-zone multiroom system. Whether individually filled with sound, thanks to the various audio sources, or summarized, for example, to a large group for the next party in the whole house. With the SC044, you always play the right music.

4x Stereo Line-In Inputs

With four stereo Line-In inputs, the SC044 offers a wide range of possibilities. Whether turntables, games console, PC, MP3-Player and much more – if the device has an audio output, you can connect it to the SC044 and stream the sound in all the four zones.

12x Mono Line-Outs or
 6x Stereo Line-Outs

Whether you need 6x stereo outputs or maybe 12x mono outputs, the Zone-Mapping of the SC044 allows you to configure the outputs of the SC044 completely free. All line-out outputs can be defined as mono or – paired – as stereo output. With the high/low pass function, you turn a single mono line-out into an output, especially for Subwoofers respectively satellite speakers.



You like powerful, bass-driven sound? No problem with the SC044. Create as many subwoofer outputs as you need. Each of the 12 mono outputs is designed as a variable output and can be defined as a pure Subwoofer output. On the other hand, as satellite speaker output, too.

4x Trigger-Ports

The line-out outputs 1 to 4 have a trigger port. With this, external amplifiers, like our RA410, can be automatically turned on by selecting a source.

2x Digital I/O

With the two digital I/O ports, the SC044 can be operated with simple buttons. For example, you can respond to the ringing at the front door by pausing the music playback. Or activate the paging feature to make an announcement.

Four Streaming-Clients…

…plus four FM RDS tuner.

Listen to your favorite music from various online music streaming services with the SC044. Whether rock, pop, classic or live music from the other side of the world, the four streaming clients allow independent music playback in all four zones.

And not only that: receive your local stations simultaneously. With the SC044 and a connected FM antenna, you can receive and control up to four radio stations independently.

NAS + Streaming…

… that means unlimited music diversity.

You can’t decide on a music style? Now, you don’t need: save all your music on an NAS (Network Attached Storage) and you can play all of your favorite tracks at any time in each room. And with the streaming services Qobuz, Deezer and Tidal, you get the latest hits from all over the world.


…and you have everything under control.

Like all trivum products, the SC044 can seamlessly be integrated into and controlled by an existing KNX system thanks bidirectional communication.

The example shows how a trivum Multiroom Audio solution may look like. The SC044 with four connected audio sources and FM antenna plays the music over two external audio amplifiers and two trivum RA210 amplifiers. All external amplifiers can be switched on and off via the trigger function of the SC044. Two additional subwoofers in the living- and children’S room provides extra rich sound. In this example, the SC044 is controlled via the trivum TouchPads and the free trivum app.


  • One Player – many audio sources
    The trivum SC044 offers incredible flexibility: streaming via Ethernet, simply from NAS, from internet streaming services, or internet radio. Additionally, you can listen to music from up to four external audio devices*.
  • Zone-Mapping
    Free selection at the outputs thanks Zone-Mapping. Define the outputs as mono or stereo line-outs, according to your needs.
  • Trigger Ports
    Four Control Out ports allow the triggering of external amplifiers. 
  • Rich sound via subwoofer-outputs
    For the acoustic support of ceiling and wall speakers, the SC044 features the high/low pass function to transform a mono output into an special subwoofer output for playback only low-frequency sounds.
  • FM Radio with RDS
    With the integrated 4-way RDS FM tuner every zone can listen to her own station. Independently of each other, so without affecting the other zones.
  • Formats
    The SC044 supports the most popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, ALAC, Flac and WMA.
  • Streaming via AirPlay
    AirPlay makes it possible to stream any music to the SC044. Simply choose the SC044 as the output device – it’s as easy as that.
  • Powerful sound and individual adjustment
    A simple adjustment for bass and heights offers plenty of range for your personal taste. A professional equalizer is at your disposal for more extensive sound improvements.
  • Simple configuration
    The fast and simple configuration is done using a browser-compatible device – no installation or extra software necessary.
  • KNX
    The SC044 can be integrated via KNX into home automation system so that every KNX switch can control it.
  • Two digital I/O ports
    With the two digital I/O ports, the SC044 can both receive and send various control commands triggered by defined events.


* Condition: the external audio device needs a Line-Out interface.



250 mm
244.2 mm
40 mm


1x RJ-45 Ethernet
4x Line-In (stereo)
1x FM antenna (4-way tuner)


6x/12x Line-Out (stereo/mono)
(max. 4 zones)
4x Output Trigger
2x Digital I/O



More on our datasheet.

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