MusicCenter V9

Seven product lines, more than two dozen products and only one software. Configure and operate all trivum devices with the new MusicCenter v9 software.
And best of all: all this without installation.

To control music…

With the MusicCenter V9 you have full access to your music. Whether you want to listen to radio shows or your music from NAS, the handling can be adapted to your needs and is as easy as pie, too. 


You determine what is played: store your music on an NAS and enjoy it all around your house with the new MusicCenter V9.


Radio stations from around the world: TuneIn provides access to more than 100,000 radio stations from all continents.


Adjust the sound playback to your desires and the individually environment, with the professional parametric 5-band equalizer.


Creating, renaming, configuring, grouping, selecting zones is both easy and smart with the new MusicCenter V9.


Listen to the music from your apple device. Simply via AirPlay.

Even more streaming sources

With the new MusicCenter V9 trivum now supports more streaming services: Deezer, qobuz and TIDAL.

Multi-Account support

You have several streaming service accounts? No problem. In MusicCenter V9 you can manage several streaming service accounts*, for example, one for each family member.

FM RDS Radio

Are you a radio listener? Some trivum devices have a built-in FM RDS tuner, incl. tuning and 30 station memories for quick and easy access.

trivum favorites

No matter from what source your music originates, with the trivum favorites your will quickly have access to them.

*Applies to Deezer, Qobuz and TIDAL.

…and KNX Smart Homes

Make more of your music. Combine the possibilities of home automation with the sounds of your music and create unique audio spheres – by linking KNX events with audio playback. With the MusicCenter V9 you can furthermore control your lighting, heating, ventilation, etc.


Let there be light: whether simple on/off switching, dimming or atmospheric ambience with colorful RGB lighting – the MusicCenter V9 lets you only stand in the dark, if you wish.

Heating & Cooling

With the MusicCenter V9 you also take control of your heating and cooling circuit, on condition the appropriate KNX sensors and actuators are provided.


Whether light, coffee maker, pond pump or other equipment, with the MusicCenter V9 you can switch everything, that can be switched via KNX actuators.

Blind & Shutter

Via the MusicCenter V9 you can operate blind, shutter, awnings curtains and many others as easy as pie. Even in pinpoint accuracy if you want.

Status messages

From simple ON/OFF messages, over temperature and numbers up to short text messages, the MusicCenter V9 can display any kind of information that is sent by external KNX sensors and actuators.


Combine the various control options provided by the KNX installation and create custom scenarios for the perfect right moment. Whether candlelight dinner with dimmed light, fired fireplace and soft music or house party with atmospheric lighting and music in every room – all with a single touch.


Temperature, humidity, sunrise and -set – the MusicCenter V9 informs you both about the current and the upcoming weather for the next four days.


Stay up to date with the webcam function of the MusicCenter V9. With various image sizes and update intervals.

And more...

The MusicCenter V9 offers even more features, making it the optimal room controller: stopwatch, analog clock, navigation elements and – of course – music controls.

KNX ist ein weltweiter Standard für die zentrale Haus- und Gebäudeautomatisierung. Aktoren und Sensoren verschiedenster Hersteller tauschen über ein Übertragungsmedium (2-Draht-Leitung, Funk, Ethernet) Informationen aus und helfen so durch eine clevere Vernetzung, Zeit und Energie zu sparen und gleichzeitig den Wohncomfort zu heben.



The WebConfig

The new WebConfig user interface structured settings for the zones, AudioPlayer, streaming services and so on in a logical and easy to understand assembly. To set the right settings quickly and with just a few klicks/touches.

New user interface

Setting up trivum devices with the new, completely revised WebConfig user interface is now easier than ever.

Landscape & portrait mode

With the MusicCenter V9 the trivum 7″ TouchPad can be operated both in landscape and in portrait mode.

Optimized for mobile devices

Control and configure your trivum Multiroom Audio System with the new MusicCenter V9 from all mobile devices – WLAN, and a browser app are all you need.

The Paging

By a simple touch – for example, on a KNX button on our TouchPad – you turn the volume of the current music playback down, so you can make an announcement to a zone, either via an external microphone or (appropriate hardware provided) even via telephone. Ideal for medical practices, seminar rooms, offices, etc.


The web browser (beta)

The new MusicCenter V9 has its own mini-web browser. So web pages can be displayed directly on the new trivum 7″ TouchPad. This is particularly interesting for special visualizations of home automation or the like.


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