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Wir suchen Verstärkung im Bereich Hardwareentwicklung, Dokumentation und Training.

trivum Audio Box

The most beautiful and simple audio solution of trivum.
Unpack - connect - stream. Compact dimensions and powered with all trivum innovations.

trivum TouchPad

The beautiful award winning wall panel that supports music and via KNX also lighting, blinds or climate control. Webcams can be displayed and much more ...

trivum Audio Actuators

Music systems designed for electricians and to be installed in the switchboard. Radio, streaming, multiple zones - KNX, iPhone app, TouchPad - an innovative system for the modern home.

trivum loudspeaker

Newly developed ceiling and wall mount
speakers. Very nice square and round grills
with magnetic holders.
Excellent sound quality in mono or stereo.
Their high efficiency makes them one of the
leaders in it‘s size.

Smart Multiroom

The trivum Multiroom System offers you the highest degree of functionality and quality, paired with intelligent controls, which will inspire you…

trivum Professional Line

Multifunctional and convenient controls, as well as being simple to clean, all play an essential roll - and all this with sound quality that you have never experienced before in your kitchen...